The Benefits of Instagram and Pinterest

Instagram is another social media platform, dedicated to pictures and videos only.  Yes, just like most social media apps and sites, Instagram uses hashtags, as well as likes and comments.  Most people see Instagram as a fun app used to keep in touch with friends and be up to date with everyone’s lives, however Instagram can be very beneficial in the business world.  Companies who use Instagram to promote their brand and products are known to be very successful.  Personally, I follow a few brands myself and find that it is a perfect way to keep up to date with their new products through pictures.  Instagram is very interactive as well, allowing followers/consumers to feel connected to that brand.


I am not as familiar with Pinterest as I am with Instagram, but I do know that it is a great tool for sharing pictures.  It can be used as a more casual site or as a business related site.  Pinterest is great for sharing photos of new products and new ideas so that consumers become more familiar with your brand.  I definitely recommend both sites to businesses who are trying to grow and put their name out there in the social media world.


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